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Mimicry - The Art of God


We produce voice by vibrating the air. We hit our larynx and it vibrates the air waves, which are sent out to the world. The other person's ears catch these vibrations and their brain deciphers it. So most of us will know which voice belongs to whom by remembering their style of vibration. At the end of the day, its all about how we vibrate our larynx. So anybody can vibrate their larynx like anybody else in this world. Thats the art of mimicry...the god's own art.

Who Am I

I have been doing mimicry from the age of 5. I learnt lots of new stuff from Dhamu (a famous mimicry artist in south india) which shaped my mimicry further. I have been doing my own research in this field and learnt many interesting ways and styles to reach various voices.I have been doing lots of stage shows with all the popular mimicry artists and I have my own page https://www.facebook.com/arunneel

I want to spread the art and knowledge that I have learnt to others in a big way. I want everybody to enjoy and experience this art which will relax and calm your mind, and help you enjoy the nature and physics.

These are the prime lessons I am going to teach you guys:


We all now know we need more air waves to vibrate in different styles. The best ancient way of getting more air waves is to do Pranayama. When we do pranayama we enable the capability for our body to inhale and exhale more air. So we will have more air waves to vibrate the larynx in different styles and thus producing more new voices.

2. Bass Note

The important range to touch when we are doing voices such as Lion,cow ,older men etc..,

3. Sharp Note

This is needed to mimic hen,peacock,young women etc..,This is the highest range we can touch.

4. Intermediate

As we practise we will get to this intermediate note where it settles between bass and sharp

5.Mantras of Mimicry


Always observe what the other person/animal is doing. We will learn more on how to observe.

B.Check the range of voice

Check the range where their voice falls

C.Body Language

When the body language is followed we can almost produce the same voice because most of the voices are outcome of body postures and throat postures.

D. Just Be them

Just imagine yourselves as them. Just transform as them and notice your voice change.

6.Animal Mimicry

The base for any mimicry is to observe the nature and animals. It gives us lot of lessons. I observe all the animals and the weird way they produce their sounds. They talk with their sounds. I have fought with dogs and peacocks just by producing their sounds.

7. Human Mimicry

The finale is to mimic other human beings. This gives more fun and pleasure than anything else in this world. We need to apply all the mantras I specified before to pick other person's voice.

Bottom Line : Any voice should be reproducible.

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